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Ode to the Grand Canal

No reason, no rhyme, no order. A New Year with a new approach to sharing my photos with my friends. I have been recalling some of my favorite travel experiences and destinations and moments. It may have been a city or a beach, a restaurant or a song, or just some special coincidence that occurred at that particular moment in time. They may be recent or may be from the past, planned or completely synchronistic, but I wish to share with you some of those places and moments that are special to me.

I have already shared a couple of my favorites, most particularly Tibet and Amori Villas in Bali. I may even share more about those, for they are spectacular. For the most part, I would not even attempt to rank my favorites; however, when it comes to my favorite main street, there is simply no competition. If you know me well, you already know where I am going with this.

The Grand Canal.

Call this my love song to my favorite main street ever. It is beautiful beyond compare and steeped in romantic history. I have visited it three times at least, and always long to return. I will likely write more about some of my other cherished main streets, but bar none, this is my absolute favorite.

Rialto Bridge

Vaporetta stops on Grand Canal

And if you think you are in Disney, take a longer more intense look. Look at the senior ladies on the vaporetta, the native Venetians, the women with strong calves from walking, who have gone to do their marketing. With their produce in hand, watch them unlock their Venetian homes and savor this exquisite experience, or talk to the artistans who have spent their lives (as their families have for generations) making Murano glass or gondolas. Yes there is real and autonishing workmanship in the creation of gondolas.

Beautiful Grand Canal

Mansions on Grand Canal

Ponte dell'Accademia Bridge

Beauty on Grand Canal

Grand Canal View from under Bridge

Beautiful home fronts / Mansions on Grand Canal

Mansions on Grand Canal

And Art! Such glorious magnificent art everywhere both inside and outside. Who wouldn't fall in love with this?

Gondolas Venice

Historic Mansions on Grand Canal

I Love your main street, your Grand Canal, Dear Venice!

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