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Beautiful Hanbok in South Korea

Updated: May 11

Hanbok, literally meaning "Korean clothing", is the name for the traditional attire of South Korea. In fact, Hanbok was worn daily in South Korea until a mere 100 years ago. Today it is primarily worn for celebrations, festive occasions and special anniversaries. I suppose we would term its modern use both semi-formal and formal attire. Most Koreans have at least one Hanbok in their closets for these special times.

The Hanbok is said to be surprisingly comfortable. This feature, which is still appreciated today, actually stems from practical needs of Koreans living centuries of years ago. Clothing that restricted freedom of movement was avoided because horses were used extensively in Korea. Hanbok is beautiful clothing, defined by vibrant colors, simple lines and graceful shape.

Although it is currently worn primarily for national holidays and special occasions, it it growing in popularity both among young couples and international tourists. Traveling in Korea, there are many ways to gain insight into the culture, sampling the food, visiting the museums and ancient buildings to mention only a few. Or you can join in the fun by trying on, renting or having personal Hanbok made.

No, my family didn't opt for trying on Hanbok, but nonetheless, it was immeasurably fun for me, just seeing the clothing. And indeed, it was everywhere. Hanbok's true beauty is best witnessed when it is in motion, at least for the female attire. The very full skirt has a wonderfully fluid movement in motion, which gives the appearance of the wearer drifting along. We learned that the Koreans' love for Hanbok is tremendous and I certainly understand why.

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