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Buddha Dordenma Statue

Updated: May 11

Buddha Dordenma Statue

Thimphu is both the capital and largest city of Bhutan, and sitting aloft on one of its hilltops is the Buddha Dordenma Statue.

Cast of bronze and gilded in gold, measuring at a height of 169 feet, this is the largest seated Buddha in the world and can be seen for miles away.

Buddha Dordenma Statue

Buddha Bordenma

The Buddha sits atop a lotus flower on the roof of a gilded meditation hall. No photos allowed inside but trust me it is beautiful. Inside are 125,000 smaller gilded Buddha statues, 100,000 8 inch tall and 25,000 12 inch tall. From this angle you can see the entrance into the meditation hall, underneath the Buddha.

Its completion fulfills two prophecies; the first foretold by yogi Sonam Sangpo, that a Buddhist statue would be built in this area "to bestow blessings, peace, and happiness to the whole world." It was also referenced by the second Buddha in the 8th century. We were told wonderful stories about the monk who started the project with a very small statue in mind and how he went beyond Bhutan to acquire financing which culminated in Buddha Dordenma.

Some aspects of the sight are still under construction, such as the entranceway below. My family thoroughly enjoyed our visit to see Buddha Dordenma.

I did not envy the workers completing the entranceway. Some heights I can handle, but no I do not want to be that close to that ledge.

Nestled in Kuenselphodrang Nature Park, it is quite a sight to behold. Likewise it yields gorgeous panoramas of beautiful Bhutan.

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