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Seawings Over Dubai

Updated: May 11

Dubai first captured my wanderlust with its man made islands. I had hoped for many years to drop in on a connection and finally my desire became reality. Then came the question, what do I most want to do in Dubai? That answer for me was obvious, I wanted to see those islands I had read so much about. Research brought me to Seawings Seaplane Experience. I could not pass it up, so I booked it for my family.

The three of us set off for my personal fantasy trip. I cannot recall taking a seaplane before and it is fun for the water to be your runway.

We took off and landed on Dubai Creek, and the rest was seeing those images of Dubai with my own two eyes.

Wanting to take photos, I opted for the back seat which has a surcharge. It offers a better unobstructed view and you sit side by side with your companion, which for me was my son, with my husband in front of us. Definitely have lots of room on your camera for the views are amazing

My son's photo of the shipbuilding below captured my fascination.

Dubai is still growing for certain.

And those islands, both the old, the ones that captured my wanderlust way back when, like Palm Jeremiah.

It was so worth seeing it from above in person. Atlantis Dubai is in the foreground.

Oh my, those islands are amazing to me.

The Burj Al Arab hotel, resembling the sail of a ship, on its own man made island, connected to the mainland by a causeway, but sporting its own helipad for its clients. Ok too expensive for my wallet but it definitely exemplifies luxury and opulence to the maximum.

And the new islands, the up and coming world islands.

Would I like to return to see them in the finished state? Absolutely.

Honestly for me, Seawings over Dubai was a blast. So much fun and highly recommended.

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