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Good Eats in Havana

Updated: May 11

My friend Katie always wants food photos. I didn't take as many photos in general, nor as many food photos. Nonetheless, here are the few I took. Katie, I deeply regret not taking a photo of the lobster and corn or the food at Atelier for you. They were both delicious.

My guys walking ahead of me checking out our residential neighborhood as we head out for breakfast one morning.

La Chucheria (above) was only two blocks from our hotel so we stopped in for breakfast.. It has a lovely location just across from the Malecon and it is popular, so you may have a short wait. We sat outside and watched the vintage cars driving by. My husband said the cuban coffee was very good and I know the caffe latte was delicious. Yes, that would be my son doing one of his favorite pastimes, reading as we wait for a table.

We had lunch at Razones, shown above. When you arrive, they seat you in the outdoor area (left) and show you their two menus. One menu is for the open air seating, right side of above photo with red awning, while the other menu is for indoor seating (air-conditioned). For whatever reason, at this particular moment, I chose indoor.

I didn't know that I liked mojitos, but they were so delicious, I had two. The first one had a palm tree stir, the second, an auto.

The interior of the restaurant was pleasant and I thought even festive in its decorations and ambience.

I ordered the sautéed chicken and so wish I could remember the name of the two sauces. It was yummy with the raisins providing a touch of sweetness, served with rice, fried taro and a huge bowl of black beans, on the side. I told my family I had to take a photo of this one for Katie. My son said his Cuban pork was equally tasty. All of the flans had been delicious so far so we ordered two for dessert. Delicious yummy food, nice setting, with drinks and the three of us left with a total bill of $18.

For our last dinner we ate at Tablazo, above. One can eat at the Tropicana but that didn't appeal to me so we had our last dinner at this local bar/restaurant. This may sound loco, but I was in the mood to try a pizza in Cuba and yes, my son went for the pork even again. Pizza with mushrooms and a side of grilled veggies. We asked around and yes, pork is the main Cuban meat, along with black beans 'n rice, and fried bananas. They do have beef in the restaurants but Cubans we were told don't eat beef. Cows are semi-sacred in their culture, as the purveyor of milk. I had a delicious beef dish on our first night at Atelier before I became educated.

No we did not venture into this bar; however, I felt it worthy of a quick photo while passing by. Apparently having beer from iced towers is popular in Cuba. So for those fellow beer lovers, yes, there is beer in the land of rum and cigars.

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