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Around Town, Luang Prabang

Updated: May 11

I enjoyed getting up early and going on solo walks around town. It was the perfect time to see vendors setting up their wares and observe the town in the quiet of the early morning. I thought I would simply post some of my candid shots from throughout the day. I hope they give you a flavor of life in Laos.

The early morning markets are filled with items you would expect at a Laotian farmer's market, but also have a generous sprinkling of handcrafted items for sale. The night markets are good in Laos as they are throughout Asia, but the morning markets get top billing.

People beginning their day. Yes, most had an umbrella or rain jacket stashed somewhere, remember it is monsoon season.

Lunch time approaches and local eateries abound with noodles everywhere

Fruit shakes are popular as well.

The overwhelming vehicle of choice for getting around town.

Ock Pop Tok, meaning "East Meets West", is a great spot for authentic souvenirs as well as a nice way to support the local people and culture. The co-founders are Laotian Veo and British Jo who aspired to elevate Laotian textiles while preserving Laotian traditions.

The architecture is beautiful nestled into the lush greenery and flowers.

The Mekong River appears muddy which is no surprise with the monsoon downpour of the previous night. Traffic on it is lighter than normal because the river level is high.

My son just told me he wants to return to Laos; I agree with him. Our family is unanimous in our affection for Luang Prabang.

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