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Flowers from Luang Prabang

Updated: May 11

I don't know why. Maybe it is Spring or Mother's Day approaching, but my mind is on flowers. I love every aspect of travel: from coming up with my list of places I desire to visit to the planning, in addition to the adventures in the destination. New sights, new tastes, new sounds, new smells, history and culture. But I also greatly enjoy the afterglow, remembering the time spent in a different location.

When planning family vacations, I try to include something for everyone. In 2018, our visit to Luang Prabang in Laos, was totally for me.

Such a beautifully green place, with flowers, flowers everywhere. Tropical foliage and flowers enchant me.

I cannot name all of them, but I can certainly enjoy them.

Yes, you can tell I was fascinated with these trees.

Technically not a flower, but I truly enjoyed the mango trees.

Always remember to take time to appreciate and smell the flowers.

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